Kanban System Design (KMP-I®)

Fri, May 17, 2019 to Sat, May 18, 2019
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KMP Foundation II
Why Do You Need to Complete KMP-I® or Kanban Management Professional Foundation Level-I or Kanban System Design?


By Completing KMP-I® or Kanban System Design, You will be able to Design, Implement a Project/Program using Agile Practices, Kanban Method & Lean Principles.

Kanban is a Management Method and can be used when you play or aspiring to become multiple roles (Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Project Lead, Technical Lead, Team Lead, Project Manager, Delivery Manager, Service Delivery Manager, Program Manager, Senior Leadership position. This method will:

  1. Directly Improving Service Delivery
  2. Catalyzing Improvements, &
  3. Evolving a business to be “Fit for purpose”.

This management method can be used to “Kanbanize” any of your Projects/Program/Portfolios following Agile/Waterfall/Hybrid methods. The Kanban Method can be used across the software Industry.

What Can We Learn by Attending LKU’s Kanban Courses?

  1. Kanban Taskboard Implementation/Review (TKP®)
  2. Deep Learning of Visualization (TKP®)
  3. Choose/Suggest right board for Team following Scrum, Kanban, SCRUMBAN, SAFe or Any other Agile Approaches (TKP®)
  4. To become a Taskboard  Implementer/Reviewer across the Scrum, Kanban, SCRUMBAN, SAFe or Any other Agile Approaches (TKP®)
  5. Visualization – Simulation (TKP®)
  6. Design & Implement a Project using Lean Principles, Kanban Method & Agile Practices (KMP-I®)
  7. Kanban Simulation Game (KMP-I®)
  8. Kanban Metrics (KMP-I®)
  9. System Thinking Approach to Implement Kanban (STATIK) (KMP-I®)
  10. Kanban Cadences (KMP-I® & KMP-II®)
  11. Kanbanize Any of the Projects/Program/Portfolio following Agile or Waterfall Method (KMP-I® & KMP-II®)
  12. System Thinking Approach to Implement Kanban (KMP-I® & KMP-II®)
  13. SCRUMBAN or Scrum to Kanban or Kanbanize Scrum Projects (KMP-II®)
  14. Scaling Kanban (KMP-II®)
  15. Apply/Using Kanban at Enterprise Level (KMP-II®)
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Why do you choose Dileep Appupillai as the trainer?

The primary reason is his training skills & consulting expertise spanned over 18 years in Project Management/Program Management/Release Management/Product development, support, enhancement/Training/Consulting & e-Governance for many Fortune 500 Companies & Government Departments in India & abroad.

What will you receive?

  • Course materials
  • Membership of the Lean-Kanban University (LKU)
  • Digital Download of the certificate from Lean-Kanban University (LKU) on completion of the course
  • Fulfillment of the Kanban Management Professional® (KMP®) requirements
  • A free electronic copy of David Anderson’s “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” book
  • 16 Professional Development Units (PDU’s) can be claimed for this course and used as part of your PMI® Credential Review.

A must learn for anyone who wants to be: 

  1. successful using Kanban within their organization, or anyone who
  2. Work with teams utilizing Kanban.
  3. Involved in using Kanban or considering using Kanban.

This course will be beneficial to those new to Kanban and those who have explored Kanban but now want to consolidate their knowledge in a practical setting.

In terms of roles, the course is suitable for Product, Project and Programme Managers, Development Team Members (including but not limited to Architects, Designers, Developers, Testers), Business Analysts and Scrum Product Owners and Scrum Masters who want to enhance their Lean / Agile skillset.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Even though the completion of TKP® is not Mandatory for attending KMP-I®, It is desirable to complete TKP® before you learn Kanban System Design or KMP-I® because of the below reasons:

  1. TKP® will help you to become a Kanban Taskboard designer, Implementor, Reviewer, and Advisor.
  2. TKP® will help you to Learn End to End Visualization
  3. The Kanban Taskboard can be used in Scrum, Kanban, SCRUMBAN, SAFe or Any other Agile Approaches
  4. TKP® will enable you to run Effective Standup Meetings in Scrum, Kanban, SCRUMBAN, SAFe or Any other Agile Approaches
  5. TKP® will enable you to run Effective Replenishment Meetings. This also will help you to make your Sprint Planning Meetings more effective

What about exams & certifications?

There is no exam at the moment for getting your credentials. The Learning Objective is to:

  1. Provide Real-time expertise to face your day to day challenges in Agile & Traditional Project Management
  2. Enable the professional by providing Lean/Agile/Kanban Transformation Experience to make you more competitive/competent
  3. This course has been accredited by David J Anderson (creator of the Kanban method) and Lean-Kanban University (LKU).
  4. Professionals taking an LKU-accredited course will be eligible to become Lifelong members of the Lean-Kanban University and will have met the first requirements of the Kanban Management Professional®.

Who is the main target audience?

Team Members, Teams Leads, Project Leads, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Technical Leads, Test Leads, HR Managers, Operations Managers, Senior Managers, QA Managers, QA Leads, Business Analysts, Process Consultants / Associates, Anyone interested in Project Management, Anyone who wants to develop their visualization skills, Anyone who wanted to increase their competency in Project Management



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