Lean Kanban (LKU) Miami South Florida- Knowledge21

Lean Kanban (LKU) Miami South Florida- Knowledge21 members

Mon, Jul 31, 2017 to Tue, Aug 01, 2017
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KMP Foundation I

Official Kanban Training, LKU (Lean Kanban University) 

Do you want to learn Kanban and get an International Certification?


In two days, you will practice the concepts of Kanban and will learn how to overcome challenges, such as

  • teams with specialists;
  • unplanned items;
  • multiple clients;
  • development and maintenance of different products;
  • external dependencies;
  • extending Agile for the whole organization.

Come and discover why more and more people are applying KANBAN, even those that already apply SCRUM!

The theory always comes after practicing, in a "pull system for teaching".


Training Topics

Visual Management
Process Design; Shared Mental Model; Kanban refactoring; Physical board vs. Digital board

Limited WIP (Work In Progress)
Why limited WIP?; Coordination techniques (slack, swarm etc.); Theory of Constrains

Value Flow
Mapping the value from (upstream and downstream); How to scale agile

Continuous Flow
Pull system; Time-box and Cadence; “Stop the line”

Managing capacity
Demand classification and balancing; Classes of service; Little's law

T-Shirt Sizing; Cumulative Flow Diagrams; SLA; Throughput, Lead Time, Cycle Time

What is Kanban?
Lean and Toyota Production System; Evolutionary model; Kanban and Scrum


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