Kanban Management Professional

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Wed, Mar 29, 2017 to Thu, Mar 30, 2017
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KMP Foundation II
So you want to be a Kanban pro? This two-day course is perfect for managers and team members who are interested in scaling the usage of Kanban across their organization with the objective to reach sustainable service and product development, and happy customers! 
Objectives & Benefits: 
Know how to manage work at all levels with Kanban; LKU-CertifiedKanbanTraining.png
Learn to drive organizational improvement with Kanban; 
Develop service orientation in an organization; 
Dealing with resistance to WIP Limits; 
Topics of the course: 
Managing evolutionary organizational change with Kanban; 
Kanban Litmus Test for driving and evaluating organizational improvement; 
Seeing services in an organization; 
Scaling out across an organization; 
Discovery Kanban; 
Conducting management meetings and reviews; 
o Replenishment meeting; 
o Delivery Planning meeting; 
o Risk review; 
o Service Delivery Review; 
o Operations Review; 
Getting deeper in metrics for managing workflow; 
Managing workflow bottlenecks;