About Lean-Kanban

Lean Kanban, Inc. is an organization created to grow an active Kanban market worldwide while protecting the interests of managers who seek to apply Kanban to their knowledge work or service work.  (more)

The Kanban Method is a set of principles and practices that are applied to an existing process. The curriculum of every LeanKanban University Certified Kanban Training class is based on the Kanban Method and it is followed by all LKU Kanban Coaching Professionals. (more)

The LeanKanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer program and Kanban Coaching Professional program work to endorse only the best Kanban professionals with the greatest Kanban-specific knowledge and experience. (more)

There are many terms that surround the Kanban Method. They appear in literature, articles and conference talks. In his book Kanban from the Inside, Mike Burrows has created an extensive glossary list that explains and clarifies many commonly used terms. We are republishing it here.